こちらでは、「トラベラーズカンパニー・パートナーショップ」の店舗情報とあわせて、それぞれの近所のおすすめスポットを紹介しています。これらの店舗ではトラベラーズファクトリーのオリジナル商品の一部を扱っています。 その土地を旅する機会がやってきたらぜひ足を運んでみてください。旅がまだ難しい場合は、おすすめスポットを眺めながら、いつかそこを旅することを想像していただけたらと思います。また旅が自由にできるようになるまで、きっと少年や少女だった頃そうしていたように、世界を旅することを夢想して、トラベラーズノートに向かっていただけたら嬉しいです。
Have a nice trip!
Imagine a store you can go where owners and visitors all use TRAVELER’S notebook. Serving as a hub for users of TRAVELER’S notebook, you can meet other travelers on their journey, and exchange ideas and stories. More than just a hub for travelers, you can also purchase TRAVELER’S FACTORY exclusive items along with original stamps and refills designed with the motifs of local famous sights and specialties.

If we had partner shops officially approved by TRAVELER’S COMPANY around the world, traveling with TRAVELER’S notebooks would be even more fun. So, we were able to launch “TRAVELER’S COMPANY PARTNER SHOP” turning those exact thoughts into reality.

Discovering the shared joy by socializing with foreigners from different cultural backgrounds and speaking to them in person is the real pleasure of travelling and we would like our “PARTNER SHOP” to be the place where those interactions can be experienced.
Right now, due to the new coronavirus, it is difficult to walk freely in some towns, and it is not easy to travel across borders. Some stores are still not open for business as usual.
But we believe that one day we will be able to travel freely again, meet people, and talk with them. We do not even want to imagine living life without travelling.
By then, as TRAVELER’S COMPANY PARTNER SHOP should exist somewhere in the world, we would like to make preparations step by step from now on.

Here, you can find information on TRAVELER’S COMPANY PARTNER SHOPs as well as recommended spots in each neighborhood. They carry TRAVELER’S FACTORY exclusive items.
If you have a chance to travel to the area, please visit them. If traveling is still difficult for you, we hope that you will take a look at the recommended spots and imagine what it would be like to travel there someday.
Until we are able to travel around freely, it would be pleasing if you could spend time with TRAVELER‘S notebooks whilst dreaming of travelling the world, like you probably did when you were younger.
Have a nice trip!

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