This is an envelope made of kraft paper that seems to remind us of the “good old days.” Back in the days when we did not have any internet or emails, these type of envelopes with sealing strings were sent to people’s desks. It’s old as an item, but there’s a sense of warmth and a gentle feeling to it, and we wanted to express that in this se-ries we made.
You can put letters and photos you took, and even add cards, tickets, and stamps you collected during your trip. You can even use this as a pocket by sticking it to your notebook.
This item is made in a factory that makes envelopes in Thailand for quite a long time. The warmth and simplicity of the paper used in this factory will store anything you put in with care.

KRAFT ENVELOPE with string / クラフトエンベロップ 紐付

The string used on this envelope is used to close the lid. The act of coiling up the string when closing it will deepen the sender’s affection towards what’s inside, and the act of opening the envelope will definitely bring a sense of excitement to the receiver. The spec of this envelope allows one to open and close it repeatedly, so it suits in storing papers and photos collected during one’s trip. By pasting this on the cover of your notebook, you can even use this as a pocket.
<M> Orange / オレンジ

<M> Brown / 茶

<S> Orange / オレンジ

<S> Brown / 茶