(Daegu, Korea)

Paperboy Studioは、大人向けにセレクトされたステーショナリーショップです。紙製品とその周辺アイテムを中心に韓国ではなかなか手に入らない海外の文房具もたくさん紹介しています。店内にある多種多様な文房具を実際に見て、触って、体験できます。店主とお話しをしながら、お買い物を楽しんでほしいお店です。


Paperboy Studio is a stationery select shop for adults. We introduce stationery items that are hard to find in Korea. We are dealing with various products related to paper. We make up the store with unique products. It is also a store where you can see and experience various stationery.

The first thing I encountered was the TRC Brass Ballpoint Pen.
I like vintage products, but stationery products are pretty and cute, so that there were no products that satisfy my taste. I fell in love with the TRC Brass Pen at first sight, and I continued to use it while looking for a suitable notebook. And I came to know the TRAVELER’S notebook.”

TRAVELER’S notebook was an attractive notebook that could feel the age according to the user’s feeling. It was a very attractive item and idea for me, who is very fickle, to be able to change refills that I want. However, in Daegu, Korea, where I live, it was difficult to find TRAVELER’S COMPANY products offline. I had to buy it online or go as far as Seoul.

After a while, I went to a caravan event held in Korea and found out that various people are using it in Korea as well. I was able to get various tips there, and I got to see the products on sale, and I fell in love with the TRAVELER’S notebook. Since then, I have been using it.
Falling in love with the TRAVELER’S notebook, I opened a store in my hometown, Daegu, and am working hard to inform the people who have used it before and those who are new to TRAVELER’S notebook. I was always interested in stationery, and I got to know it through travel.


Paperboy Studio
42-13, Bongsanmunhwa 2gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

Recommended Travel Spot From The Shop Owner

It is a representative downtown area of Daegu. There are various foods and attractions, and it is a good place to feel the youthful atmosphere of Daegu.
27, Dongseong-ro 2-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

Gatbawi (観光スポット/仏像)
It is located on Mt. Palgong, the largest mountain in Daegu. There is a legend that if you pray earnestly at Gatbawi, one wish will come true. The front of the ‘Gwanbong Seated Stone Buddha’, designated as Treasure No. 431, is crowded with people praying all year round. It’s a good place to heal.
229, Gatbawi-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu

Suseongmot lake (観光スポット/湖)
Along Suseongmot Lake with a circumference of 2km, a waterside road with needles, lotuses, and reeds and lush tree-lined roads spread out. At night, the lights on the water twinkle beautifully. There are also various sights and food options nearby.
Suseongmot lake
5-5 Yonghak-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu

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