Wariackie Papiery
(Warsaw, Poland)

Wariackie Papieryは、紙と美しいものへの愛に溢れたお店です。
オーナーのKinga Smoczynskaさんのお父さんはアーティストでした。そのため家の中には紙がいつもあり、(それも普通の紙ではなくコットンが漉き込まれている手漉きの素晴らしい紙でした)子供の頃はそんな禁断の果実のように魅惑的な紙にクレヨンなどで落書きをしていました。Kingaさんにとって、紙やノート、インクは、手に入れることで美しい何かを創造できるは宝物のような存在でした。
Wariackie Papiery was born out of a love for paper and beautiful things. The owner, Kinga Smoczynska, was raised by her father, an artist, and paper was a material that was used every day. It wasn’t just any kind of paper, but amazing sheets of handmade paper, made from cotton, which was as fascinating as forbidden fruit to a child doodling with crayons.
For as long as Kinga could remember, paper, notebooks, and ink were like little treasures one could not only have but also transform them into something beautiful and thought provoking.
The store offers a wide range of specialty notebooks, writing instruments and inks, as well as wonderful greeting cards. TRAVELER’S notebooks are a long-time favorite of the store. They said they love it for its simplicity and ability to be modified to individual needs. There are no two alike and there are endless possibilities to transform it into the perfect companion for short and long travels.


Wariackie Papiery
Dobra 42, 00-312 Warsaw, Poland

Recommended Travel Spot From The Shop Owner

Park Dreszera(公園)
It’s a relatively small park, very well kept, quiet. If you feel like being a part of what’s going on you will always find someone to chat there, if you prefer to keep to yourself you can find a quiet bench. In the summer there are jazz concert held weekly. If you are a dog lover (like I am) you will spot many four-legged friends.

Perfumeria Quality Missala(フレグランス)
If you love scents, this is the place to go to. It has amazing, exotic perfumes but also very knowledgeable staff to help you navigate through the journeys of olfactory experience. There are a few locations in Warsaw, the best way to find one close to you is to visit their website.
Perfumeria Quality Missala
Woloska 12, Warsaw, Poland

Qchnia Artystyczna(レストラン)
A quiet restaurant where food is treated as an art form. The menu is short and changes seasonally. You will find the finest ingredients beautifully served. The restaurant is located in Ujazdow Castle where you will find the Center for Contemporary Art with interesting exhibits. It’s also a great spot for a relaxing stroll. Lazienki Park is just a few steps away.
Qchnia Artystyczna
Jazdów 2, 00-467 Warszawa, Poland

Zacheta – National Gallery of Art(美術館)
Zacheta holds temporary exhibits of both Polish and international artists. It’s known for choosing thought provoking projects. You will usually find 2-3 different temporary shows. Zacheta focuses on promoting contemporary art and for over a century has been presenting the works of both upcoming and already well-established artists. If you are into art, this place is a must on your list of places to visit in Warsaw.
Zacheta – National Gallery of Art
plac Stanisława Małachowskiego 3, 00-916 Warszawa

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