To anyone who loves traveling, tools to accompany him/her on the trip are very important.
Before hitting the road, a traveler carefully chooses what to take with him/her, and what not to take. This can be a headache, but also an exciting job that stirs up all his/her imagination about the travel.
Now, if more travel tools were friendlier to the traveler as he/she travels more, the traveler would have less of a headache. Moreover, it is a joy to have such tools.
People often say that carrying the minimum amount of items is the wisest way to travel. Yet, actually, carrying more of the friendly tools you are accustomed to is a very crucial factor to have a pleasant trip.
And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could use those friendly tools in our everyday life as well. Then, every day would be a step in a journey. We hope your TRAVELER’S notebook will be a tool exactly like that.
The original idea to create TRAVELER’S notebooks arose during an encounter on a trip.
When the two keywords, traveling and notebook, met each other, their implications expanded rapidly, creating many new images.
In a certain questionnaire, there was a question, “What book would you take with you to a desert island?” A novelist replied, “A blank notebook. I could write some new stories in it, and stories would develop endlessly.” This was a beautiful answer I read somewhere.
Well, I am not a novelist and I don’t know how to create endless stories. Still, even I can write something about things, events, and scenes, before they disappear from my mind. For this reason, I have been using the TRAVELER’S notebook.
Below are some records from my own travels with my TRAVELER’S.
The essential message of TRAVELER’S is to spend each and every day of your life as a day in a journey.
Seeing things from a traveler’s viewpoint, we can discover something unexpected, things that impress us, in the usual encounters we have and the scenes we see every day.
The stories below describe things, events, and people I came across while I traveled with my TRAVELER’S.