TRAVELER’S notebook New Line Up 2019
トラベラーズノートの新しい定番ラインアップ 2019

発売日:2019年3月28日(木)/ Japan
Release Date: April, 2019 / Countries outside of Japan
*The date of release will vary depending on the retail shop. Prior to purchasing, please contact the nearest retail shop.





Introducing new additions to our lineup that add even more convenience and enjoyment to the ways you use TRAVELER’S notebook!

TRAVELER’S notebook was created in 2006, and is now loved by travelers throughout the world in 30 countries and regions.
Having the opportunity to speak to everyone and see how they used their TRAVELER’S notebooks at the TRAVELER’S FACTORY and events both in Japan and overseas was an incredible opportunity that also gave us new ideas for products to create. We also looked at many pictures people posted of their TRAVELER’S notebooks on social media. We have created new additions to the lineup based on opinions and ways of using the notebooks that we learned from our customers.

“MD Paper Cream” is our original paper designed for quality writing which utilizes MD PAPER Cream for a notebook refill. We added it to our regular lineup after users told us they wanted to use this paper in their previous journal or notebooks.
“Dot Grid” was added for the kind of customers who have been increasing in recent years who want to create their own boxes inside their notebook, make a journal in an original style or keep track of tasks. When you use it, it becomes clear that it is useful for making boxes and lists as well as for text and illustrations.
We have further added items to the lineup based on what people told us and showed us in their notebooks during our travels, such as “Watercolor Paper” that is resistant to water and perfect for watercolor art, “Card File” for keeping shop business cards sorted by location and other organizing and “Three-fold File”, perfect for neatly folding and storing A4 size ticket printouts or hotel vouchers that more and more people have been carrying around.
“Brass Clip” holds open TRAVELER’S notebook. After seeing so many TRAVELER’S notebook photos on social media and hearing from our customers, we thought they would like a special clip for their notebooks. It’s handy when you want to write or take a picture.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on items from our new TRAVELER’S notebook lineup and discover new ways to enjoy your notebook!

Refill MD Paper Cream / リフィル MDクリーム

Our original cream-colored notebook refill paper is designed for ease of writing and utilizes MD PAPER Cream that won’t smudge or bleed-through, even when writing with a fountain pen. MD PAPER White is available in “001 Lined” or “003 Blank”, while Cream is used for journals. Cream is easy on the eyes and easy to write on, so it is also great for notebooks!
トラベラーズノート(レギュラーサイズ)リフィル MDクリーム (No. 14399006) 300円+税
TRAVELER’S notebook (Regular Size) Refill MD Paper Cream (No. 14399006)

トラベラーズノート パスポートサイズ リフィル MDクリーム (No. 14404006) 240円+税
TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size Refill MD Paper Cream (No. 14404006)

Refill Dot Grid / リフィル ドット方眼

A notebook refill with small dots in 5mm intervals. These dots are excellent for writing graphs and boxes or as a guide in writing and illustrating that isn’t obtrusive or in the way. Try out the myriad of enjoyable ways to make use of the dots, from making comic book panels or a layout like a magazine, to using them to keep track of spacing like traditional Japanese writing paper.
トラベラーズノート(レギュラーサイズ)リフィル ドット方眼 (No. 14400006) 300円+税
TRAVELER’S notebook (Regular Size) Refill Dot Grid (No. 14400006)

トラベラーズノート パスポートサイズ リフィル ドット方眼 (No. 14405006) 240円+税
TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size Refill Dot Grid (No. 14405006)

Refill Watercolor Paper / リフィル 水彩紙

This notebook refill is perfect for watercolors because it is water-resistant. Besides, Watercolor Paper that is a little thicker and more textured than “012 Sketch Paper” is also perfect for pencil and pen sketches or collages of photos and tickets. The pages are perforated so after you draw on them, the regular size can be sent as a picture postcard, while the passport size is ideal for a hand-drawn card with a message.
トラベラーズノート(レギュラーサイズ)リフィル 水彩紙 (No. 14401006) 400円+税
TRAVELER’S notebook (Regular Size) Refill Watercolor Paper (No. 14401006)

トラベラーズノート パスポートサイズ リフィル 水彩紙 (No.14406006) 300円+税
TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size Refill Watercolor Paper (No.14406006)

Refill Card File / リフィル カードファイル

Every page of this refill stores cards. There are 60 spaces to store business cards from associates, shop business cards or even “instax mini” photos. For example, collect cards from shops and hotels for each city you visit to easily make a unique guidebook of your travels. We are certain this will be widely used by those who use their TRAVELER’S notebook for business, as well. We recommend it for collecting tickets or stamps.
トラベラーズノート(レギュラーサイズ)リフィル カードファイル (No. 14402006) 500円+税
TRAVELER’S notebook (Regular Size) Refill Card File (No. 14402006)

Refill Three-fold File / リフィル 三つ折りホルダー

This file stores A4 sized paper folded in three. It’s made to neatly fold and store A4 size papers and take them with you. Use it for anything you need to take with you, from ticket printouts and hotel vouchers to schedules and map copies, whether traveling or just every day at the office. Fold it in three and keep it in the leather cover of TRAVELER’S notebook.
トラベラーズノート(レギュラーサイズ)リフィル 三つ折りホルダー (No. 14403006) 500円+税
TRAVELER’S notebook (Regular Size) Refill Three-fold File (No. 14403006)

Brass Clip / ブラスクリップ

This Brass Clip will keep your TRAVELER’S notebook open. Made in a factory in the old downtown area of Tokyo, this clip’s materials, size, design and spring strength are especially created for use with TRAVELER’S notebook. When taking your TRAVELER’S notebook on the go, attach it to the leather cover or a refill so it’s ready to use when you want to write or take a picture. There’s also a hole in the back that you can use to hang it on a wall and use your notebook for decoration. Because it’s made of solid brass, its color will mature and change the more you use it!
トラベラーズノート ブラスクリップ TRCロゴ柄 (No. 43089006) 1,200円+税
TRAVELER’S notebook Brass Clip TRC Logo (No. 43089006)

トラベラーズノート ブラスクリップ 飛行機柄 (No. 43090006) 1,200円+税
TRAVELER’S notebook Brass Clip Airplane (No. 43090006)

Passport Size Refill Binder /パスポートサイズ リフィル用バインダー

トラベラーズノート パスポートサイズ用のバインダーです。使い終わったパスポートサイズのリフィルを5冊まで留めることができます。
A binder for TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size. Use it to store up to five volumes of Passport Size refills you have already filled.
トラベラーズノート パスポートサイズ リフィル用バインダー (No. 14407006) 800円+税
TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size Refill Binder (No. 14407006)

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