TRAVELER'S notebook

Refills / Regular Size


030 Brass Clip / ブラスクリップ

発売日:2019年3月28日(木)/ Japan
Release Date: April, 2019 / Countries outside of Japan
*The date of release will vary depending on the retail shop. Prior to purchasing, please contact the nearest retail shop.


This Brass Clip will keep your TRAVELER’S notebook open. Made in a factory in the old downtown area of Tokyo, this clip’s materials, size, design and spring strength are especially created for use with TRAVELER’S notebook. When taking your TRAVELER’S notebook on the go, attach it to the leather cover or a refill so it’s ready to use when you want to write or take a picture. There’s also a hole in the back that you can use to hang it on a wall and use your notebook for decoration. Because it’s made of solid brass, its color will mature and change the more you use it!
本体/真鍮製 1,200円 + 税
Made of Brass
H44 x W44 x D20mm
H107 x W47 x D23mm (Package / PET Case)
No.43089006 TRC ロゴ柄 / TRC Logo , No.43090006 飛行機柄 / Airplane