TRAVELER'S notebook

Refills / Regular Size

トラベラーズノート リフィル(レギュラーサイズ)


『トラベラーズノート』 および関連製品価格改定のご案内>>

TRAVELER’S Notebook Refill (Regular Size)

These are refills that you set in the regular sized TRAVELER’S notebook.
We prepared various types of refills ranging from notebooks, binders, repair kits, pockets, and sticky notes. For the notebooks, we have the ones that use MD papers, construction papers, crafted papers, and other various types depending on your needs. This is for you to choose the ones that best fit your interests and to freely customize your TRAVELER’S notebook.
How to set several refills to TRAVELER’S notebook.>>

About the specification change of “TRAVELER’S notebook Refills” / リフィルの仕様変更について

Starting from September 25, 2016,The format of 018 Refill Free Dialy will changed to a new version.
Before, Saturdays and Sundays had a smaller space compared to other days, but from new version, the entire week will have an equal amount of space. For travelers, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s Saturday or Sunday. We reflected the voice of those users into our product.
Available Autumn 2016
*Please note that the refills with the old specification may be mixed with the new ones at some retail stores.

Starting from March 25, 2016, specifications for some of the refills will change.
For the Repair Kit, the spare rubber band for camel is added, making it a total of 6 colors. Also, 2 strings used as a bookmark is added, and this reflects the requests given from our users. For the Refill Kraft Paper, the paper changed to Designphil’s original kraft paper that best suits in writing. Finally, we will be changing the packaging of all the refills. This will be done by adding more explanation of its usage and contents, making it easy to understand.
*Please note that the refills with the old specification may be mixed with the new ones at some retail stores.

014 Kraft Paper Notebook (Regular Size) / リフィル クラフト紙(レギュラーサイズ)
新仕様の製品詳細>> / 旧仕様の製品詳細>>
Details of the new specification>> / Details of the old specification>>

PRODUCTS LINE UP / リフィル ラインアップ

001 Lined Notebook / 横罫

002 Grid Notebook / セクション

003 Blank Notebook / 無罫

004 Pocket Sticker / ポケットシール

005 Free Diary <Daily> / 日記

006 Pocket Sticker <L> / ポケットシール〈L〉

007 Card File / 名刺ファイル

008 Zipper Case / ジッパーケース

009 Repair Kit / リペア用キット

010 Double Sided Stickers / 両面シール

011 Refill Binder / リフィル用バインダー

012 Sketch Paper Notebook / 画用紙

013 Lightweight Paper Notebook / 軽量紙

014 Kraft Paper Notebook / クラフト

015 Pen Holder <S> / ペンホルダー <S>

016 Pen Holder <M> / ペンホルダー <M>

017 Free Diary <Monthly> / 月間フリー

018 Free Diary <Weekly Vertical> / 週間フリーバーチカル

019 Free Diary <Weekly + Memo> / 週間フリー+メモ

020 Kraft Paper Folder / クラフトファイル

021 Connecting Rubber Band / 連結バンド

022 Sticky Notes / 付せん紙

023 Film Pocket Sticker / フィルムポケットシール

024 Pen Holder Sticker / ペンホルダーシール