TRAVELER'S notebook

Starter kit / Regular Size

トラベラーズノート レギュラーサイズ


トラベラーズノート レギュラーサイズのスターターキットです。

TRAVELER’S notebook <Regular Size>

This is a starter kit for the regular sized TRAVELER’S notebook.
The notebook is similar to the A5 size, except it is slimmer in terms of its width. This makes it easy to carry, and it even suits in writing a lot. You can even insert maps, tickets, and three-folded A4 sized papers inside.The structure of the notebook is simple, and this makes it easy to customize. Please choose your favorite refills that include notebooks made of various papers, zipper cases, and pockets. You can even paste stickers on the cover of the notebook and add charms on the bookmark or the rubber band and make the notebook yours.
The more you use the notebook, the more the texture and the taste of the leather cover changes, and this change simply seems to reflect the user. It turns into a one and only notebook in the world.
You can carry this during your trip, but by carrying this in your daily life, you can start to have the sense of feeling that your daily life itself is a journey.


TRAVELER’S notebook STARTER KITS / トラベラーズノート スターターキット

Black (Regular Size) / 黒(レギュラーサイズ)
Brown (Regular Size) / ブラウン(レギュラーサイズ)
Camel (Regular Size) / キャメル(レギュラーサイズ)
Blue (Regular Size) / ブルー(レギュラーサイズ)
Olive (Regular Size) / オリーブ(レギュラーサイズ)

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