TRAVELER'S notebook

Starter kit / Regular Size


TRAVELER’S notebook Camel (Regular Size) / トラベラーズノート キャメル(レギュラーサイズ)



This consists of a simple cow leather cover made in Chiang Mai, Thailand and a refined notebook with Designphil’s original paper used that is made in Japan.
You can start using the notebook as is, but by adding a zipper case or a pen holder, you can increase its storage capacity. If you add a connecting band, then you can even increase the number of notebook refills that go inside the notebook.
The structure of the notebook is simple, so it’s easy to add charms and beads on to the rubber band. We also recommend adding used post stamps on the cover of the notebook.
This is a notebook where you can customize it freely, and the longer you use it, the more the taste and texture of the leather deepens, making writing more fun.

Compared to Black and Brown, one of the nice thing about Camel is that it’s possible to enjoy the change in color it undergoes. In that sense, each of the camel leather shows a slight difference, and makes scratch marks easy to appear, but the more you use it, the more the texture changes and reflects the characteristic of the user.


It comes with a blank notebook refill.


There is a cotton bag included when purchased.



カバー本体/H220×W120×D10mm、牛革製 MADE IN THAILAND
ノートリフィル/H210×W110×D4mm、無罫、64ページ、MD用紙(ステッチャー綴じ) MADE IN JAPAN

<Package contents>
Leather Cover / H220 x W120 x D10mm MADE IN THAILAND
Notebook / H210 x W110 x D4mm, Blank, 64 pages, MD Paper (Saddle Stitched) MADE IN JAPAN
Cotton Bag / H240 x W140mm
Spare Rubber Band / Green