Masayuki Yamamo / 山野 雅之(女子美術大学教授)


“Idea Sketchbook”
I engage in a creative activity where “healing art” is the central theme. I use TRAVELER’S notebook as a tool to sketch the ideas that come up related to the theme above.
The size of TRAVELER’S notebook makes it perfect to carry it around, and it’s even easy to open up the notebook refill. I make full use of this portability by sketching and making collages in the train.
I usually draw using a water based pen, and I really like the paper that has a water resistant feeling. I also like the feeling when writing on the notebook refill.
Again, the size itself is portable, but once you open the notebook, the surface area turns out to be huge. Also the paper used in the notebook minimizes the wrinkles and expansions that come from using glues when making collages. I also like that as well.
I pile up the notebook refills that I filled in, file it in a binder, and embrace and make full use of the past records as an “idea sketch collection.”

山野 雅之 (女子美術大学教授)
1955年 東京都生まれ
1980年 東京芸術大学美術学部デザイン科卒業
1986年 東京芸術大学大学院美術研究科博士後期課程満期修了
1988年 学術博士学位取得(東京芸術大学)
Masayuki Yamano (Professor at Joshibi University of Art and Design)
1955 Born in Tokyo
1980 Graduated Tokyo University of Arts
1986 Completed the Ph.D program at Tokyo University of Arts
1988 Received a Ph.D from Tokyo University of Arts
Starting from 1990, he set the theme of “healing art” as his research topic, and based on this topic, he produces the art in medical spaces. He also coordinates and examines the result of applying healing art in hospitals and nursery homes.
His creative research includes themes such as “Nichigetsu Sansui,” “Kacho-Fugetsu,” “Four Seasons,” “Sky,” “Wave,” “Waterfall,” and “Animals.” These themes are applied in the process of producing a space and works made on surfaces.