Hidemi Shinoda / 篠田 英美(フォトグラファー)


“This is a notebook that I want to embrace.”
As a photographer, Ms. Shinoda travels to various countries such as America, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tahiti, Hawaii, and Mexico, where she spent her childhood from the age of 8 to 11.
“I like the rough cutting feeling of the leather, the round metal part attached, and the size that perfectly fits Polaroid photos. I carry this around in my travel and insert pressed flowers, write poems, and make collages. I basically use this notebook freely.”
When you flip the cover of the notebook, you can see a drawing of a large leaf and a cute looking mark.
“Starting from three years ago, I opened a café for a single day on May 5. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to open the café this year. But I started using the notebook around this time period, so I decided to design the cover based on the image of May.”
The mark that has an image of a witch (in Japanese, Majo), and MAGGIO, meaning May in Italian, was unique and beautiful.

篠田 英美 (フォトグラファー)
アーティストのポートレートや海外の風景を「色」にこだわり、撮り続けている。 慶応義塾大学時代、写真サークルに入ったのがきっかけで本格的に写真を撮り始める。 趣味は旅行、読書、手芸、料理(お菓子作り)、空手、ロシア語、等多彩。
Hidemi Shinoda (Photographer)
She is a freelance photographer born in Saitama Prefecture in 1974.
She takes portraits of artists and scenic views located overseas. She shows interests in color when taking pictures of scenic views. During her times at Keio University, she joined a photography club, which sparked her interest in taking photos. Her hobbies include traveling, reading, crafts, cooking (including treats), karate, Russian, and others.