Enrique Flores / エンリケ・フローレス(イラストレーター)


“Traveling is the best way to understand the world and sharpen your sight.” Whenever I travel, I carry myself a small backpack and stuff the necessities inside. I use transportation systems that local people use, and sleep at cheap hotels. I enjoy traveling to remote places that not many travelers visit.
I carry myself a set of water painting kit during my travel. This is to sketch the scenes and people that I encounter. By sketching the people and things I see, this can start a communication with other people, and that’s what I find nice about traveling.
I like the size of TRAVELER’S notebook. It’s a perfect size to carry around in one’s hand. The ability to store the things needed for travel and the convenience of writing while standing makes me feel that this is all I need.
I keep TRAVELER’S notebook with me at all times in order to take notes and sketch images at that instant. I like the paper that makes fountain pens flow smoothly. In the future, I would like to have a refill that uses a thick paper suitable for water painting.
When I’m back from my travel, I keep the records and tickets used in my past travel in TRAVELER’S notebook. By doing so, I can sense the feeling of travel in my daily life.

エンリケ・フローレス (イラストレーター)
1967年 スペイン バダホス生まれ。
Enrique Flores (Illustrator)
Born in Badajos, Spain in 1967.
He draws illustrations for picture books and other artworks, and is known for the gentle and unique touch.
He likes to travel, and has traveled around the world with a single backpack.
When traveling, he carries around a water painting kit to sketch the scenes and people he encounters.
On his website, it is possible to see his works and sketches made during his travel.