TRAVELER’S notebook New Line Up 2018
トラベラーズノートの新しい定番ラインアップ 2018

トラベラーズノート ブルー、定番として登場



定番ということで、レギュラーサイズに加え、パスポートサイズとペンホルダーも登場します。また、リペアキットは、トラベラーズノート ブルーのゴムと、スペアで封入されているゴムの色であるマスタードの2色を加えた8色入りが発売となります。

TRAVELER’S notebook Blue will be released in the standard line-up

TRAVELER’S notebook will release a blue version in its standard lineup.
We released TRAVELER’S notebook Blue as a limited edition in 2015 and the blue color was well-received as a refreshing, new tone of TRAVELER’S notebook. Even after the conclusion of sale, we received so many requests for re-launch of blue during TRAVELER’S COMPANY events and at TRAVELER’S FACTORY. Meanwhile, we saw that the blue edition is sold at a very high price via internet auction, and even imitated in counterfeit goods, and so we decided to add blue as a classic color.

TRAVELER’S notebook is carefully made by fine quality leather and paper. So, it’s not cheap but it’s also not designed for luxury.
We always want it to be a tool for people to carry around in everyday life. Through continuous usage the leather will change its texture while everyday memories are engraved. It will become an irreplaceable tool for the user, an object with priceless value to its owner. We hope that TRAVELER’S notebook Blue will also become a tool for people to live every day as if it were a journey.

Like TRAVELER’S notebook Blue Edition, it is based on the image of a blue sky just before dawn. The color and texture of the leather has been readjusted. In addition to the Regular Size, TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size is also available. Pen Holder Blue can be coupled with the notebook. Repair Kit comes with rubber bands in eight different colors, including the new blue and mustard colors, which are now also contained in TRAVELER’S notebook Blue as spares.
Please welcome these new line-up of TRAVELER’S notebook.

TRAVELER’S notebook Blue / トラベラーズノート ブルー

トラベラーズノート ブルーのレギュラーサイズとパスポートサイズが定番ラインアップに加わります。
TRAVELER’S notebook Blue Regular Size and Passport Size will be added in the standard line-up. The color is a deep blue similar to indigo dye or blue black ink and reminiscent of an azure blue sky just before dawn.
トラベラーズノート ブルー(レギュラーサイズ)(No.15239006) 4,000円+税

TRAVELER’S notebook Blue (Regular Size) (No.15239006)
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トラベラーズノート ブルー(パスポート)(No.15240006) 3,200円+税

TRAVELER’S notebook Blue (Passport Size) (No.15240006)
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016 Pen Holder <M> Blue / ペンホルダー <M> ブルー


Accompanying the launch of TRAVELER’S notebook Blue, Pen Holder <M> Blue will be released.

016 ペンホルダー <M> ブルー(No.14392006) 900円+税

016 Pen Holder <M> Blue(No.14392006)
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009 Repair Kit / リペアキット

リペアキットは、トラベラーズノート ブルーのゴムと、スペアで封入されているゴムの色であるマスタードの2色を加えた8色入となり、仕様と価格が変更となります。

Repair Kit will change its specification and price with the addition of the new blue- and mustard-colored strings, which are now also contained in TRAVELER’S notebook Blue as spares, on top of the 6 existing colors of rubber bands.

009 リペアキット(No.14393006) 800円+税
新仕様の製品詳細>> / 旧仕様の製品詳細>>

009 Repair Kit(No.14393006)
Details of the new specification>> / Details of the old specification>>

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