TRC BRASS PENCIL Factory Green / TRC ブラス ペンシル ファクトリーグリーン

2020年3月26日(木)発売 / Japan
Available on April, 2020 / Countries outside of Japan
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This is TRC BRASS Pencil in the limited-edition Factory Green color.
BRASS PENCIL made in a old press factory located in Japan. This product consists of two parts, the brass made holder and the actual pencil with a iron cup. When this is not used, the pencil fits inside the holder, transforming into a compact “carry around” size.
The part of easer can also be removed for a clip-free pen if you prefer. You can put it on TRAVELER’S notebook Pen Holder. or just put in your pocket. This portability makes the item serve as a great partner for a traveler.
The pencil and eraser refills are now available as a set, so you can use our pencil for a long time and enjoy how the texture of painted color and brass ages with use. We also offer a shorter pencil set for those who prefer a generic thickness when writing.
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About Factory Green
Green is used for the floors, doors and shelves in many factories because it’s easy on the eye and evokes a sense of safety that provides peace of mind. At a long‐standing practice, you can see that those areas of green paint have faded and even peeled in places, but this, too, is a point of pride—those flaws are the result of decades of use and represent a long history of producing products, working diligently day after day. And oil has darkened those green machines during their years of use, but they have a beauty that is difficult to put into words. Pick up one of our Factory Green Brass Pens and you’ll find yourself thinking of the factory floors where the things we use every day are made, and feel the same sense of safety that those green surfaces inspire in the workers. Let your Factory Green Pen be a talisman for the journey of your life. Through years of use, the paint will fade and the hue will change, creating that same beauty borne through hard work that can be seen in so many long-running factories.
Its body is made of brass and painted in the original color. As you use this pen, the paint gradually fades and that will make the brass more visible giving it a vintage taste. And this pen has a clip and cap with the distinctive texture of iron, to match with aged brass color. It may look like stain or uneven surface. By a long time use the change in color lessen the concern.
TRC ペンシル リフィル >>
The pencil and eraser refills are now available as a set.

Package / PET case, H38 x W112 x D19mm
BRASS Pencil / 11mm in diameter x H98mm (pencil: 75mm / HB)

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