ブラスプロダクト 限定カラー、ファクトリーグリーン

2020年3月26日(木)発売 / Japan
Available on April, 2020 / Countries outside of Japan




※限定商品につき、欠品、完売の場合はご容赦ください 。

BRASS PRODUCTS writing instruments will be released in a limited-edition Factory Green color.

Our BRASS PRODUCTS writing instruments range is made in Japan by experienced craftspeople. Robust and easy to use, this stationery is designed to become a faithful companion in the journey of your life. As you use your BRASS PRODUCTS on a daily basis, you will develop the fondness that every devoted craftsperson has for their tools. The limited-edition Factory Green color was inspired by that manufacturing setting. Green is used for the floors, doors and shelves in many factories because it’s easy on the eye and evokes a sense of safety that provides peace of mind.

Our own factory in Nagareyama does just that—the steel shelves filled with cans of printing ink, the floors where our rows of printers create an impressive, almost solemn sight and the heavy iron doors are just some of the elements that are painted in green. When you visit the factory, you can see that those areas of green paint have faded and even peeled in places, but this, too, is a point of pride—those flaws are the result of decades of use and represent a long history of producing TRAVELER’S notebooks and many other paper products, working diligently day after day.
The factory where our brass products are made, on the outskirts of Tokyo, also uses a lot of green for machinery such as its presses and metal cutters. Oil has darkened those green machines during their years of use, but they have a beauty that is difficult to put into words.

Pick up one of our Factory Green Brass Pens and you’ll find yourself thinking of the factory floors where the things we use every day are made, and feel the same sense of safety that those green surfaces inspire in the workers. Let your Factory Green Pen be a talisman for the journey of your life. Through years of use, the paint will fade and the hue will change, creating that same beauty borne through hard work that can be seen in so many long-running factories.

*Since these items are all limited, please be noted that it may be sold out in some retail shops.
*The date of release will vary depending on the retail shop. Prior to purchasing, please contact the nearest retail shop.

TRC BRASS BALLPOINT PEN Factory Green / TRC ブラス ボールペン ファクトリーグリーン

Brass Ballpoint Pen with an integrated brass holder, made in our press factory in the “Shitamachi” (Downtown) industrial area of Tokyo. The ring at the top can be placed on a hook, or a string can be tied to it so that your pen is always with you.

TRC BRASS PENCIL Factory Green / TRC ブラス ペンシル ファクトリーグリーン

A pencil that is suitable to carry around during one’s travels. This portable pencil requires an additional step when using it, and this makes the act of writing a little bit fun. When not in use, the shape of the pencil should make you want to fiddle with it. This pencil is made in a local factory that is located in a historical district in Japan.

TRC BRASS FOUNTAIN PEN Factory Green / TRC ブラス 万年筆 ファクトリーグリーン

Brass Fountain Pen is made in Japan by experienced craftspeople. Robust and easy to use, this stationery is designed to become a faithful companion in the journey of your life. The pen uses international standard cartridges, available in black and blue-black.

TRC BRASS ROLLERBALL PEN Factory Green / TRC ブラス ローラーボールペン ファクトリーグリーン

The new Rollerball Pen in our BRASS PRODUCTS range will also be released in the limited-edition Factory Green color. Fountain pen cartridges can be used for a smooth look.

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