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Chichu Art Museum was constructed in 2004 on Naoshima as a site rethinking the relationship between nature and people, will offer TRAVELER’S notebooks, Brass Ballpoint Pens, and other collaborative items.

The museum was built mostly underground to avoid affecting the beautiful natural scenery of the Seto Inland sea. Artworks by Claude Monet, James Turrell, and Walter De Maria are on permanent display in this building designed by Tadao Ando. Despite being primarily subterranean, the museum lets in an abundance of natural light that changes the appearance of the artworks and the ambience of the space itself with the passage of time, throughout the day and all along the four seasons of the year. It is visited by many travelers from all over the world.

This collaboration was realized with the hope that visitors to Chichu Art Museum would pick up the notebook as a tool for reflection and writing down their own thoughts about the experience of viewing the artworks.

TRAVELER’S notebook has a black leather cover, debossed with the Chichu Art Museum logo designed by Shin Sobue. The refill set inside has a gray cover with the names of Claude Monet, James Turrell, Walter de Maria, and Tadao Ando, as well as the logo in a simple letterpress print. In addition, a white map of Naoshima, Teshima, and Inujima, where “Benesse Art Site Naoshima” is located, is inserted on the door page. The inside paper is MD paper white. The other type of refill has a striking photo by photographer Hideaki Hamada showing the entrance to Chichu Art Museum printed on the front cover. The inside paper of this one is MD paper cream.
For Brass Charm, a motif of Chichu Art Museum seen from the sky is engraved on a solid brass plate. And the lineup includes Brass Ballpoint Pen with a simple laser-engraved Chichu Art Museum logo. Both of these charms will become more durable as they are used.

Naoshima is known as an island that coexists with art in a unique way in the world, with the Chichu Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum, the Naoshima Public Bath “I ♥ Yu” and many other art works. In addition, various art projects are being developed on the neighboring islands of Teshima and Inujima as “Benesse Art Site Naoshima.”

We recommend you visit Chichu Art Museum, experience art that you can only get here, fused with the beautiful natural environment of the Setouchi area, and trip Naoshima and its surrounding islands and artworks with TRAVELER’S notebook. It will surely be a special trip.

地中美術館 × トラベラーズカンパニー
ブラスチャーム 地中美術館、ブラスボールペン 地中美術館

トラベラーズノート 地中美術館、リフィル 地中美術館 グレー/フォト

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Chichu Art Museum × TRAVELER’S COMPANY
Brass Charm Chichu Art Museum, Brass Ballpoint Pen Brass Chichu Art Museum
Available from July 22, 2023

TRAVELER’S notebook Chichu Art Museum Black, Refill Chichu Art Museum Gray/Photo
Available from July 30, 2023

At Chichu Art Museum >>
3449-1 Naoshima, Kagawa 7613110 Japan

* These collaborative items will be available only at Chichu Art Museum.

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トラベラーズノート 地中美術館 黒
TRAVELER’S notebook Chichu Art Museum Black

トラベラーズノート リフィル 地中美術館 グレー
TRAVELER’S notebook Refill Chichu Art Museum Gray

トラベラーズノート リフィル 地中美術館 フォト
TRAVELER’S notebook Refill Chichu Art Museum Photo

ブラスチャーム 地中美術館
Brass Charm Chichu Art Museum

ブラスボールペン 地中美術館 真鍮無垢
Brass Ballpoint Pen Solid Brass Chichu Art Museum

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