トラベラーズカンパニーキャラバン 2023 奈良-愛知-沼津

トラベラーズカンパニーがキャラバンとなって旅に出る企画、トラベラーズカンパニー キャラバン開催です!今回の旅先は、奈良、愛知県犬山、静岡県沼津の3都市です。
奈良では3月18日(土)にNAOT NARAにて、愛知・犬山では3月19日(日)にNAOT AICHIにて、そして3月21日(火・祝)に静岡県沼津のweekend booksにて、スパイラルリングノートバイキングを開催します。


NAOTは、トラベラーズファクトリーでPOP UPイベントを開催している素足で歩くかのようなやさしい履き心地が魅力のイスラエル発のブランドNAOTのショップです。weekend booksも毎年9月にトラベラーズファクトリー中目黒で古書コーナーを展開している古書のセレクトショップです。それぞれ魅力的なお店であるのとあわせて、どの場所も、古都だったり、おいしいものがたくさんあったり、旅先として魅力的な場所。お近くの方はもちろん、遠方の方も旅の合間にお立ち寄りいただけたら嬉しいです。


TRAVELER’S COMPANY CARAVAN, a project in which we go on a trip as a caravan, is coming! This time, we will travel to three cities: Nara, Inuyama, and Numazu in Japan.
In Nara, Spiral Ring Notebook Viking Event will be held at NAOT NARA on March 18th (Sat.), in Inuyama, Aichi on March 19th (Sun.) at NAOT AICHI, and in Numazu, Shizuoka on March 21st (Tus., public holiday) at weekend books. We will be offering originally designed covers exclusive to the events.

NAOT is a shoe brand that offers shoes that are as comfortable as if you were walking barefoot, and holds a POP UP event at TRAVELER’S FACTORY. weekend books is also a select store of secondhand books that held the secondhand books event at TRAVELER’S FACTORY Nakameguro every September. Each of these stores has its own charm, and each of them is a fascinating place to travel to, whether it is an ancient capital or a place of delicious food. We would be happy if you could stop by during your trip, whether you are in the neighborhood or far away.

2023 奈良-犬山-沼津


<奈良 with NAOT NARA>

<愛知県犬山 with NAOT AICHI>

<静岡県沼津 with weekend books>
場所:weekend books

weekend booksでは、スパイラルリングノートバイキングとあわせて、「鳥仙珈琲」が2013年にトラベラーズノートの取り扱い開始を記念してご用意いただいたブレンド「ON THE ROAD」が復活。さらに「天然酵母ぱん クープ」の体にやさしい素材を使用したベーグルを販売します。



Spiral Ring Notebook Viking Event
Entry Fee:1,500 Yen (including tax) per a book
*There will be a limit on the number of books per person.

Date and Time:March 18, 2023 / 11:00-16:00
Location:NAOT NARA
8-1, Tsukinuke-cho, Nara-shi, Nara

Date and Time:March 19, 2023 / 11:00-18:00
2F Yoyaki Building, 92 Nishikoken, Inuyama-shi, Aichi

<NUMAZU, SHIZUOKA with weekend books>
Date and Time:March 21, 2023 / 11:00-16:00
Location:weekend books
509-1, Ooka, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka

Along with Spiral Ring notebook Event, “Torisen Coffee” will be bringing back “ON THE ROAD”, a blendprepared in 2013 to commemorate to start introducing TRAVELER’S notebook!, and bagels made with wholesome ingredients from “Natural Yeast Pang Coop” will be available at the event.

*Schedules are subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances such as inclement weather. Please understand. Any changes will be announced on the official Instagram account.
*For the safety of our customers, we are limiting the number of participants and setting up alcohol. We ask for your cooperation in taking safety measures such as wearing masks, disinfecting your hands and temperature inspection upon entering the venue.
*In order to limit the number of people who can enter the venue at one time, customers may be asked to wait or numbered tickets may be distributed during busy times.

Here is the original cover for this Spiral Ring Notebook Viking Event
*We may be out of stock, and we apologize in that case.

About the Spiral Ring Notebook Event
Have you ever wanted a notebook that’s different from what everybody else have? This event will allow you to make your one and only notebook!
First, choose your favorite cover with the logo of the event being pressed. Then move on to the section where there are papers stacked beautifully on a plate. We prepared various papers including our MD papers, papers with pockets, and other unique and colorful papers. Once you stand in front of the papers that are lined along the table, you’ll start to feel like as if you’re in a morning buffet served at a hotel. Pick your favorite papers, group them in the order you want it to be, and in the end, the ring binding craftsman will bind the notebook right in front of you! This is one of the views you never want to miss out. Once that’s all done, your one and only notebook is ready to be used! Please use this chance to make your own notebook.

まるで砂の上を素足で歩くかのようなやさしい履き心地が魅力のイスラエル発のブランドNAOTの革靴。NAOT NARAとNAOT AICHIは、NAOTの靴とあわせて、素材感やシルエットにこだわった優しく心地よいentwaの服を販売しています。

The leather shoes of NAOT, an Israeli brand that offers gentle comfort as if you were walking barefoot on sand. NAOT NARA and NAOT AICHI sell gentle and comfortable “entwa” clothes made of carefully selected materials and silhouettes, along with NAOT shoes.

奈良のならまちにある「NAOT NARA」(本店)。直営店ではNAOTの靴をたくさん取り揃えており、フィッティングやスタッフのアドバイスを受けながら、靴選びができます。

NAOT NARA (main store) is located in Naramachi, Nara. The directly-managed store carries a large selection of NAOT shoes, and you can choose shoes while having a fitting and receiving advice from the staff.

「NAOT AICHI」は、奈良・東京に続いてオープンした3店舗目のNAOT直営店です。城下町、犬山の散策とあわせて、ぜひお立ち寄りください。

NAOT AICHI is the third directly managed NAOT store, following those in Nara and Tokyo. We hope you will stop by and take a stroll in Inuyama, the castle town.

<weekend books>
静岡県沼津にある書店、weekend books。店主の高松さんのセレクトによる、小説、写真、絵本などの古書が並びます。

weekend books is a bookstore in Numazu, Shizuoka, featuring a selection of used books, including novels, photographs, and picture books, selected by the owner, Mrs. Takamatsu.


Along with old books, the store also sells sundries and sweets. TRAVELER’S notebooks, which are also used by the owner, Mrs. Takamatsu, are also available.

weekend booksでは、スパイラルリングノートバイキングとあわせて、コーヒー豆とベーグルをご用意いただきます。コーヒー豆は「鳥仙珈琲」さん。2013年にトラベラーズノートの取り扱い開始を記念してご用意いただいたブレンド「ON THE ROAD」が復活します。アフリカタンザニア、インドネシアマンデリンをベースにした深煎りのブレンドです。時間と共に変化していく苦味と甘みとフレーバーをお愉しみください。

weekend books will be providing coffee beans and bagels along with Spiral Ring notebook event. The coffee beans will be from Torisen Coffee, who will be bringing back their “ON THE ROAD”, a blend prepared in 2013 to commemorate to start introducing TRAVELER’S notebook! It is a deep roasted blend based on African Tanzania and Indonesian Mandarin. Please enjoy the bitterness, sweetness and flavors that change with time.

「天然酵母ぱん クープ」さんからは、 食べるとほっこり笑顔になるような、噛みしめて食べたくなるような、ベーグルをご用意いただきます。人気の塩バターベーグルから、豆乳クリームとあんこベーグル、珈琲キャラメルチョコベーグルなどさまざまなベーグルが並びます。

Natural Yeast Bakery Coop will be offering bagels that will make you smile and want to bite into them. From the popular salted butter bagel to soy milk cream and bean paste bagels, coffee caramel chocolate bagels, and more, there will be a variety of bagels.

※「TRAVELER’S COMPANY」および「トラベラーズノート」は株式会社デザインフィルの登録商標です。
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