第一弾では、「世界でいちばん薄くて軽い生地をつくることができる」という老舗生地メーカーとしての技術力を活かした、高機能の生地humming birdを使用した、トラベラーズノートがぴったり収まるオーガナイザーや、TO&FROのロゴが刻印されたトラベラーズノートなどを製作。オーガナイザーはトラベラーズファクトリーでも人気のアイテムになっています。

TO&FRO オフィシャルサイト

The second collaboration between TO&FRO, a traveling gear brand produced by Kaji Group who has been developing the textiles since 1950 in Ishikawa Prefecture, one of 3 major textile producing regions in Japan, & TRAVELE’S COMPANY is finally coming.
At the first collaboration, TO&FRO, as a company who utilized their own technology to “make the world’s thinnest and lightest cloth, produced Organizer, made of highly functional ultralight cloth with water repellency called “humming bird” and the best size for housing TRAVELER’S notebook, whilst TRAVELER’S COMPANY produced TRAVELER’S notebooks with TO&FRO logo.
The organizer has been now one of the popular items at TRAVELE’S FACTORY.
And this time, TO&FRO newly produced Zipper Case for TRAVELER’S notebook and sacoche styled Packable Pouch made by their high-quality cloth with soft texture and water repellency called “kite” in order to make traveling happier and more comfortable.
Besides that, Raincoat and Windbreaker which can be palm-sized when folded will be also added to the collaboration line-up.
TRAVELER’S COMPANY also newly produced TRAVELER’S notebooks with Bird logo of TO&FRO for the second collaboration and a new arrival of Brass Charms as well.
Pre-sales of these collaboration products starts from April 22, 2020 at TRAVELER’S FACTORY Online Shop and will be available at TRAVELER’S FACTORY Nakameguro and Tokyo Station on June 10 and TRAVELER’S FACTORY KYOTO on June 11.

TO&FRO official site


トラベラーズノート レギュラーサイズ TO&FRO 黒/キャメル/ブルー 各4,200円+税
トラベラーズノート パスポートサイズ TO&FRO 黒/キャメル/ブルー 各3,400円+税

TRAVELER’S notebook TO&FRO Black/Camel/Blue
TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size TO&FRO Black/Camel/Blue

TO&FRO logo engraved on our TRAVELER’S notebook. Black, Camel and Blue for both Regular and Passport size. Highly recommended to get with TO&FRO organizer.

ブラスチャーム TO&FRO ロゴ 800円+税
ブラスチャーム TO&FRO × TRC ロゴ 900円+税

Brass Charm TO&FRO Logo
Brass Charm TO&FRO × TRC Logo

Brass charms with the design of TO&FRO logo and our collaboration logo made at a pressing factory in Tokyo area by the experienced artisans. As made of solid brass, the color deepens over time and it will gradually become something more unique and attached to for you.

トラベラーズノート ジッパーケース オリーブ/ブルーグレー 2,800円+税
トラベラーズノート パスポートサイズ ジッパーケース オリーブ/ブルーグレー 2,200円+税

TRAVELER’S notebook Zipper Case Olive/Blue Gray
TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size Zipper Case Olive/Blue Gray

Zipper Case for TRAVELER’S notebook made of their high-quality cloth “kite” with water repellency and natural texture. You can use TRAVELER’S notebook as a pouch or wallet to put things like business cards, credit cards, pens, ruler or money in this case.

TO&FRO パッカブルポーチ スクエア オリーブ/ブルーグレー 5,900円+税
TO&FRO Packable Pouch Square Olive/Blue Gray
This sacoche styled Packable Pouch is the best size for TRAVELER’S notebook. You can also put Passport Size in a front pocket. Small enough to carry with you when folded.

TO&FRO レインコート <M/L> オリーブ/ブルーグレー 17,500円+税
TO&FRO Rain Coat <M/L> Olive/Blue Gray
Rain coat made of highly functional material in our original color. The design is suitable for going out with high-spec to protect you from heavy rain.

TO&FRO ウインドブレーカー <M/L> オリーブ/ブルーグレー 17,000円+税
薄くて軽く、撥水機能付きのhumming birdを使用。折りたたんで内ポケットに収納すれば手のひらサイズになるため、いつでもどこでも持ち歩くことができる高機能ウインドブレーカーです。
TO&FRO Windbreaker <M/L> Olive/Blue Gray
Windbreaker made of highly functional ultralight cloth with water repellency, humming bird. Small enough to carry it everywhere during your trip.

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