Let’s Start TRAVELER’S notebook Campaign!
「Let’s Start トラベラーズノート キャンペーン」実施!

2020年ダイアリーの発売とあわせて、「Let’s Start トラベラーズノート キャンペーン」実施します。期間中、キャンペーンについて告知を明記している店頭にて、「トラベラーズノート」本体をお買い上げの方に、先着で限定カラーの「連結バンド」をプレゼントいたします。


We are launching the Let’s Start TRAVELER’S notebook Campaign to coincide with the release of our 2020 diaries. Customers who purchase a TRAVELER’S notebook at stores with signage about the promotion will receive a free Connecting Rubber Band in a limited-edition color while supplies last.

Customize your TRAVELER’S notebook to unlock a world of endless possibilities.
With the Connecting Rubber Band, combine the refill that comes included with the TRAVELER’S notebook™ with a new one of your choice. Simply link together the refill you like best and your 2020 diary to have your schedule management and day-to-day writing all in one place. Try attaching card files or watercolor paper for an even wider range of uses.
Choose from our wide range of refills to make your TRAVELER’S notebook unique to you.

Promotion begins Autumn, 2019. Same as the date to release 2020 diaries.
* Selected stores only; dates may vary by store. See in-store for details.
* Promotion only valid while supplies last. End date may vary by store.


The limited-edition olive-colored Connecting Rubber Band comes as a set of two. The bands received correspond to the size of the TRAVELER’S notebookTM purchased (regular or passport size).
The new diary season is here, so check out the wide range of useful options you get when you pick up TRAVELER’S notebook!
How to Set Several Refills to TRAVELER’S notebook with a Connecting Rubber Band>>>

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