『TRAVELER’S notebook トラベラーズノート オフィシャルガイド』
“TRAVELER’S notebook Official Guide”


『TRAVELER’S notebook トラベラーズノート オフィシャルガイド』が出版されます。


『トラベラーズノート オフィシャルガイド』とともにトラベラーズノートの楽しい使い方を発見していただけたら嬉しいです。

『TRAVELER’S notebook トラベラーズノート オフィシャルガイド』
価格: 1,760円(税込)
著者: トラベラーズカンパニー
発売日: 2021年09月25日
判型: 単行本、A5サイズ

CHAPTER1 トラベラーズノートを知る
CHAPTER2 トラベラーズノートのある豊かな日常
CHAPTER3 トラベラーズノートが生まれる場所
CHAPTER4 プロダクツの魅力
CHAPTER5 使う楽しさを格上げするカスタマイズ
and more!

“TRAVELER’S notebook Official Guide” will be published in Japan.
This will be the first official book of TRAVELER’S notebook, which we have been working on together with KADOKAWA that is the Japanese publishing company for the past six months.

The book will introduce the usage of TRAVELER’S notebook, customization ideas, life with the notebook, etc. by 20 people, from musicians and broadcasters to ordinary people, as well as the history of TRAVELER’S notebook, past collaborations, the Factory in Chiang Mai where leather covers are made, our Nagareyama factory where notebook refills are made, and the birth secret story written by the staff. The book is full of stories about TRAVELER’S notebook. An original design sticker is also enclosed in the book as a bonus.

In March 2021, TRAVELER’S notebook celebrates its 15th anniversary.
We believe that the world of TRAVELER’S notebook has expanded and its appeal has deepened as many people have written down their favorite things and customized it to their own tastes. I believe that this book, too, is filled with the likes of many users, and has become a book that is typical of TRAVELER’S.
We hope you will enjoy using TRAVELER’S notebook with “TRAVELER’S notebook Official Guide”.

※This book is Japanese only.
※If you are overseas, please ask bookstores that sell Japanese books.


『TRAVELER’S notebook トラベラーズノート オフィシャルガイド』 1,760円(税込)
“TRAVELER’S notebook Official Guide”
This will be the first official book of TRAVELER’S notebook. We hope you will enjoy using TRAVELER’S notebook with this book.
A rich life with notebooks, the charm of a quiet and slow time to enjoy “writing,” this book should be read not only by those who use TRAVELER’S notebooks but also by all those who love handwriting and its tools.
This is the sticker enclosed in the book. This is an original design for this book. Please customize your notebook!
(Size: 164 x 114 mm)

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