LOG-ON内にあるカスタマイズ加工をテーマにしたインショップ、マニュアルファクトリーの人気マスコット、マニュアルファクトリーベアーをモチーフにしたトラベラーズノート リフィル、ブラスボールペン、ブラスチャーム、バゲッジステッカーを製作。

これらの商品は、7月24日(水)から8月8日(木)まで香港のCityplaza(太古駅)で開催される、20周年を記念したイベント「LOG-ON Carnival」のポップアップコーナーで発売します。

city’super/LOG-ON is getting ready to celebrate 20 years of providing lifestyle options to the people of Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.
The retail chain has carried TRAVELER’S notebook since 2009 and continues to spread the charm of these notebooks from their base in the international hub of Hong Kong to all across the globe. The store has also been the birthplace of a variety of collaborations, such as with Star Ferry, Hong Kong Tramways and Mister Softee.
TRAVELER’S COMPANY is joining forces with city’super/LOG-ON to release special collaboration items in honor of their 20th anniversary.
TRAVELER’S notebook, Refill, Brass Ballpoint Pen, Brass Charm and Stickers will all be available with a motif of their popular MANUAL FACTORY BEAR (MFB), a mascot from their in-store customizing shop, MANUAL FACTORY. Two refill designs will be made available. The first features a navy cover stamped with a white logo, and the second has a letterpress-printed MFB with TRAVELER’S notebook in hand.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, LOG-ON will hold Pop-up in Citypalza, the heart of Eastern District. These collaborated products will be available at TRAVELER’S FACTORY pop-up corner in LOG-ON Carnival from Wednesday, July 24 to Thursday, August 8.
These designs will be on-sale in TRAVELER’S FACTORY stores in Japan from August 7, then at TRAVELER’S FACTORY ONLINE SHOP starting August 22.

<LOG-ON Carnival> Pop-up
日時:2019年 7月24日(水)〜8月8日(木) 10:30 – 22:00
場所:Cityplaza Centre Bridge, Tai Koo, Hong Kong

また、7月28日には、「ブラスクリップ カスタマイズ ワークショップ」に、トラベラーズノートミートアップイベントを開催。ミートアップイベントではトラベラーズノートを積み上げたトラベラーズノート・タワーの世界記録に挑戦します!

ブラスクリップ カスタマイズ ワークショップ
日時:2019年7月28日 10:00〜、11:00〜、12:00〜
場所:<LOG-ON Carnival> Pop-up at cityplaza


トラベラーズノート ミートアップ イベント
日時:2019年7月28日 14:00〜16:30
場所:<LOG-ON Carnival> Pop-up at cityplaza

ユーザーイベントでおなじみトラベラーズノートを重ねてタワーを作る、トラベラーズノート タワーの世界記録に挑戦。

<LOG-ON Carnival> Pop-up
Date: Wednesday July 24 – Thursday August 8, 2019 / 10:30 – 22:00
Location: Cityplaza Centre Bridge, Tai Koo, Hong Kong

At the venue, the collaboration items, TRAVELER’S FACTORY original items and TRAVELER’S COMPANY products will be sold.
And Special event will be held on July 28th!

Brass Clip Customization Workshop
Date: Sunday July 28, 2019
Time: 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00nn. 10 participants per class session.
Venue: <LOG-ON Carnival> Pop-up at cityplaza
Cost: HK$150

Successful applicants will be able to customize this specially designed and event-only brass clip with various colors.
During the workshop, Patrick and TRAVELER’S COMPANY team will be present to guide you in every step.
Pre-registration is required and to be opened at 10:00 AM on 20th July at the following link.

World record attempt “Most TRAVELER’S notebooks in one meet-up”
Date: Sunday 28th July 2019 14:00pm – 16:30pm
Venue: <LOG-ON Carnival> Pop-up at cityplaza
Cost: Free

As a tradition started by TRAVELER’S notebook community, stacking up a notebook tower by participants in a meet-up becomes a mesmerising experience. On this day we are inviting all users traveling to Hong Kong to bring as many TRAVELER’S notebook as possible for a world record attempt! Each participant will get a small gift as a token of appreciation, so come join us and be part of the feat!
Please registration at the following link.


マニュアルファクトリーの人気マスコット、マニュアルファクトリーベアーのロゴを配したトラベラーズノート リフィルとブラスボールペン。

MANUAL FACRY BEAR is the popular mascot of LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY. TRAVELER’S notebook refills and Brass Ballpoint Pen with MFB Logo will be released.


This line-up is the collaboration design, MANUAL FACTORY BEAR holds TRAVELER’S notebook in hand. There will be TRAVELER’S notebook refills printed by letterpress, Brass Charm made of naked brass in Japan, and Baggage Stickers.

トラベラーズノート リフィル MFB ネイビー
トラベラーズノート パスポートサイズ リフィル MFB ネイビー
TRAVELER’S notebook Refill MFB Navy
TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size Refill MFB Navy

ブラスボールペン MFB ネイビー
Brass Ballpoint Pen MFB Navy

トラベラーズノート リフィル MFB 活版
TRAVELER’S notebook Refill MFB Letterpress

ブラスチャーム MFB
Brass Charm MFB

バゲッジステッカー MFB
Stickers MFB

※「TRAVELER’S COMPANY」および「トラベラーズノート」は株式会社デザインフィルの登録商標です。
*“TRAVELER’S COMPANY”, “TRAVELER’S notebook” and “TRAVELER’S FACTORY” are trademarks of Designphil Inc.