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TRAVELER’S notebook for Hoshino Resorts Guest

Available on December 30th, 2019
「星のや」、「界」、「リゾナーレ」、「OMO」、「BED」の5つのブランドを中心に国内外で40の宿泊施設などを運営する星野リゾート各施設にて、コラボレーションバージョンのトラベラーズノートやブラスボールペンなどのラインアップ「TRAVELER’S notebook for Hoshino Resorts Guest」を2019年12月30日(月)に展開します。




トマム ザ・タワー:タワーショップ
OMO7 旭川:ショップ
OMO5 東京大塚:ショップ
軽井沢星野エリア:星野温泉 トンボの湯、カフェ ハングリースポット、ピッキオ ビジターセンター


On December 30th, 2019, TRAVELER’S COMPANY will launch TRAVELER’S notebook for Hoshino Resorts Guests, a range of collaborative products. The lineup includes a special version of the TRAVELER’S notebook and BRASS BALLPOINT PEN and is created together with the Hoshino Resort chain, which operates 40 accommodation facilities inside and outside Japan, primarily under the HOSHINOYA, KAI, RISONARE, OMO and BEB brands.

Hoshino Resorts began with one inn, Hoshino Hot Spring Inn in Karuizawa, in 1914. Today, the chain includes five brands: HOSHINOYA, which sets the standard for Japanese luxury hotels; RISONARE, a Western-style resort chain offering a wealth of activities; KAI, an upscale hot spring inn chain that provides traditional Japanese comfort; OMO, a hotel chain for people who like to explore the neighborhood; and BEB, a chain of hotels where you can kick back and relax with your friends. This diverse range of brands is tied together by an ethos of creating exciting experiences by capturing the unique wonders of each area, such as local culture and traditions and the natural beauty of each season. At the heart of Hoshino Resorts’ service and design is the hope that each guest will learn more about their own country, see the culture and richness of other countries, and make friends from all over the world in the process. Hoshino Resorts’ belief that travel is magic resonated with us, inspiring our latest collaborative project.

We know that writing about your experiences makes traveling all the more significant and that TRAVELER’S notebook users can meet new people and gain a new way to communicate by sharing the thoughts they have jotted down. We wanted the guests of Hoshino Resorts to enjoy that experience, and so TRAVELER’S notebook for Hoshino Resorts Guests was born. The range comes in camel or black and features a leather cover with the Hoshino Resorts logo. The refills have two types of icons—printed icons and icons stamped on blue paper—representing the views you can see at each Hoshino Resorts facility and the unique activities you can enjoy in each area. The series also includes stickers to customize your notebook and suitcase and a special version of our BRASS BALLPOINT PEN laser printed with the Hoshino Resorts logo.

Our collaborative items will be sold at all Hoshino Resorts facilities from December 30th, 2019.

Sales location: Hoshino Resorts facilities
Available for Only Hotel Guests.
However you can purchase at the following locations;
Tomamu The Tower:Tower Shop
RISONARE Tomamu:Resinare Shop
OMO7 Asahikawa:Shop
OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka:Shop
Alts Bandai Snow Park & Resort:Shop
KARUIZAWA HOSHINO AREA:Hoshino Onsen Tombo-no-yu, Cafe Hungry Spot, Picchio Visiter Center

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トラベラーズノート 星野リゾート 黒
TRAVELER’S notebook Hoshino Resorts Black
トラベラーズノート 星野リゾート キャメル
TRAVELER’S notebook Hoshino Resorts Camel

トラベラーズノート リフィル 星野リゾート 箔押 ブルー
TRAVELER’S notebook Refill Hoshino Resorts Gold Foil Blue
トラベラーズノート リフィル 星野リゾート 活版 クリーム
TRAVELER’S notebook Refill Hoshino Resorts Letterpress Cream

ステッカー 星野リゾート クリーム 丸、ロゴ 丸
Sticker Hoshino Resorts Cream Circle, Logo Circle

ブラスボールペン 無垢 星野リゾート
BRASS BALLPOINT PEN Solid Brass Hoshino Resorts

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