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The 5th Anniversary of TRAVELER’S notebook





The 5th Anniversary of TRAVELER’S notebook!

As a small token of our gratitude to the many travelers who have been on a journey with TRAVELER’S notebook over the last 5 years, we have launched some items to help you customize your TRAVELER’S notebook. One of the things that are a lot of fun with TRAVELER’S notebook is that you can customize it as you like.
Paste some “TRAVELER’S Hotel” stickers onto your notebook refill cover, as you do with your trunk case, apply a label and write a title in it, and attach a leather tag, the charm, and/or beads to the bookmark and the rubber band. Create your own TRAVELER’S notebook, a specialty no one else has.

Also, tie down the beading set’s string onto your Spiral Ring Notebook. The string soon works as a lovely bookmark.
The stickers and the stamp look nice on your Spiral Ring Notebook and Kraft Envelopes as well.
Attach the charm and/or a tag to your travel bag and camera strap, to show that they are your co-travelers.

Why not keep going on the journey of your life, with your customized TRAVELER’S notebook?
*End of sales.

TRAVELER’S notebook 5th Anniversary / トラベラーズノート 5周年 キャメル

This anniversary edition of TRAVELER’S notebook features a leather cover of camel color, whose tint changes beautifully when you use it for a long time.
The back of the jacket has the 5th Anniversary logo embossed on it, in a way which is not showy, yet bold.
トラベラーズノート 5周年 キャメル(レギュラーサイズ) 3,200円+税
TRAVELER’S notebook / 5th Anniversary

STICKER / ステッカー

5th Anniversary stickers to help you customize the front cover of your notebook. Just paste them onto your notebook to customize it, as you do with your trunk case.
カスタマイズ ステッカー トランジット柄 400円+税
Sticker Transit
カスタマイズ ステッカー ホテル柄 A 400円+税
Sticker Hotel A
カスタマイズ ステッカー ホテル柄 B 400円+税
Sticker Hotel B
カスタマイズ ステッカー 切手柄 400円+税
Sticker Stamp
カスタマイズ ステッカー ラベル柄 400円+税
Sticker Label

TAG / タグ

5th Anniversary leather tags you can attach to your TRAVELER’S notebook’s bookmark and/or rubber band. Two of the camel-colored leather tags have the TRAVELER’S logo embossed on it. The one without the embossing is for you to make a stamp, etc., on it, as you like.
カスタマイズ レザータグ キャメル 400円+税
Leather Tag Camel

CHARM / チャーム

A 5th Anniversary charm you can attach to your TRAVELER’S notebook’s bookmark or rubber band.
Made in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the charm is of tin, the same metal used in the TRAVELER’S notebook clasp.
カスタマイズ チャーム コイン柄 800円+税
Charm Coin

BEADS SET / ビーズセット

In celebration of the 5th Anniversary of TRAVELER’S notebook, we searched markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for beads and strings to use in customizing the notebook. Apply beads to your TRAVELER’S notebook’s bookmark and rubber band, and tie a string down to the rubber of the Notebook as an additional bookmark.
カスタマイズ ビーズセット 500円+税
Beads Set

BEADS SET / ビーズセット

A stamp to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of TRAVELER’S notebook.
Stamp it on your notebook and write the date, title, etc., inside the impression, to customize it. Also, stamp it on your letter and put your signature on it.
カスタマイズ スタンプ 丸 800円+税
Stamp Circle
カスタマイズ スタンプ 四角 800円+税
Stamp Square