(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

“The beauty of TRAVELER’S notebook is the way in which the texture changes depending on the user. I feel that I can see the customer’s personality through the TRAVELER’S notebook they own and their explanation as to how and how long they have been using the notebook.”
Brigitta, who is the owner of the shop, started selling TRAVELER’S notebook in 2010 on their online shop. In 2013, they opened an actual store in Amsterdam, and other than TRAVELER’S notebook, they select and sell tools and furniture that make people’s life more free and fun.
Brigitta says that it is fun to talk with users of TRAVELER’S notebook, but she adds on to this by saying that somebody who does not know anything about TRAVELER’S notebook encountering the notebook and showing excitement brings both joy and jealousy. If you ever have the chance to visit Amsterdam, please make a visit to her store as well.


De Clercoqstraat 130, 1052 NP, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Recommended Travel Spot From The Shop Owner

そんな小さな町、アムステルダムで特にお気に入りなのが、自分たちのお店もある西地区。MISCELLANEOUSは、中心街から高速道路までを結ぶ交通量の多いDe Clercq(デ・クレルク)通りにあります。すぐ先には、Kostverlorenvaart(コストフェルローレンファールト)と呼ばれる運河が交差し、通りには素敵なレストランやバーが軒を連ねていています。遠くにいかなくても、楽しみがたくさんあるとのこと。
According to number of inhabitants, Amsterdam is more of a village than a metropole. You can bike from the east to the west in 30 minutes. Yet, our favorite place in Amsterdam, is the west part. Our store is situated on a street that is an important traffic street going from the city centre (starting at Dam Square) to the highway. De Clercqstraat, intersects with a canal, de Kostverlorenvaart, which is just in two steps from our door, and has numerous of restaurants and bars. The selection is so good, we actually don’t go far out to enjoy. (Brigitte)
It is not easy to choose, but this is our Top 3.

Kip van t Spit

Their chicken and home made sauces are really good.


With a choice of only 5 types of pasta’s, this place is great for a good meal and great for those who succumb to decision-making anxiety when it comes to food.

Bar Spek

Just across the bridge from us and great all day long, from 0800 to 0200. Coffee, lunch and your G&T, this place has it all.

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